Luxury Business Gifts

A gift in natural horn tells a lot about you and your company: it is a symbol of beauty and prestige recognized around the world, an object that never goes out of fashion that keeps its value high over time. To treat someone to an object in natural horn means to be remembered.

Whatever the occasion, corporate gifts are the perfect gesture to convey recognition, appreciation and to thank employees or collaborators. A holiday, a milestone to celebrate, the conclusion of an important deal: these are all special moments that deserve to be celebrated and validated in a proper fashion.

It is important to remember that the object must reflect the values and philosophy of the company, emphasizing its image and identity.
For this reason, choosing a prestigious item increases trust and good feelings towards your business, encouraging loyalty and the establishment of relationships of mutual respect.

The perfect luxury corporate gift has a timeless and refined design, it is made with the highest quality materials and it is a unique piece, handcrafted, able to make the receiver feel appreciated and equally unique.

For over three generations, Zanchi 1952's master craftsmen have been working with natural horn, an indomitable material, to create exclusive, luxury, Made in Italy items. Our creations are a guarantee of prestige and refinement, ideal for surprising colleagues or associates with characterful artifacts conveying exclusivity and gratitude.

Within our collections, you have the opportunity to select the gift that best suits your needs, choosing among items for desk organization, table accessories, sculptures and design objects, and much more.