An elegant desk with unique accessories

We create luxury office accessories in natural horn, producing refined items designed to make your desks unique and elegant.

The desk is the first element that you notice upon entering an office: for this reason, it is important to furnish it with taste and attention, inserting accessories to give it exclusivity and refinement. The office is usually the place where we spend most of our day and which, in addition to expressing our personality, must convey professionality and elegance. By setting up your desk in a functional and tidy way, you can be sure of having everything you need at hand, conveying a sense of organization and reliability to the stakeholders.

Pen holders, desk tray, and paperweights are not just ordinary objects but can become design furnishing elements, transforming your office into a prestigious, sophisticated, and modern environment.

For over three generations, our master craftsmen have been manually producing luxury accessories in natural horn for the office, giving life to the highest quality products with a timeless style, perfect for furnishing your workstations with taste. Our creations are an expression of high Italian craftsmanship characterized by a scrupulous selection of raw materials and fine finishes. It includes:

  • Desk trays
  • Pen holders
  • Magnifying glasses
  • Paper knives
  • Envelops holders
  • Paperweights

Elegance and exclusivity are the added value of our accessories, which are not mass-produced, but made in unique pieces, different from each other based on the pure chromatic inclinations of the natural horn used. Upon request, it is possible to ask for tailor-made products and the supply of custom-designed office items.

If you are looking for a luxury office accessory in natural horn, we invite you to see the collection in our online shop.