About us

We have been creating accessories and luxury objects in natural horn since 1952, enhancing its shapes and shades. Years of experimentation and attempts have led us to refine our techniques of craftsmanship, coming to understand all the deepest secrets of this material, reaching a unique level of knowledge and mastery.

Tradition, passion, and innovation are the values that give life to the Zanchi 1952 brand. Such values are closely linked to the story of a man, Giovanni Zanchi, the founder, who tried his hand at working with this natural, fascinating, and complex material since adolescence. Giovanni accepted the challenge of modeling this indomitable element to release its extraordinary characteristics, and he passed on its secrets for three generations.

Our products are handcrafted in Italy. Before arriving in your hands, horn is expertly selected and worked by our craftsmen to bring to light the wonderful features hidden in the raw state. It is a material with unique qualities that can result in subtle variations in hue and texture over time. This feature is a guarantee of the quality of our products and should not be attributed to selection oversights or manufacturing defects.

Today as in 1952, our mission is to preserve the tradition of true Made in Italy, offering a product of the highest quality, made with the experience of the past and a vision towards the future.