Natural horn gift items

For more than seventy years we have been dealing with the creation of unique handmade objects in natural horn. We forge customizable pieces of furniture, carefully tended, ideal for luxury gifts for every occasion.

Natural horn conserves its intrinsic charm that is appreciated for its refinement and elegance. The processing of this indomitable material is a real art, which requires an intimate knowledge of the horn. For over three generations, our company has been a reference point for the Made in Italy craftsmanship of horn and the production of fine and sought-after items.

Distinguished by attention to detail and high manufacturing quality, all our products are designed to enhance your aesthetic taste and embellish the most exclusive contexts:

  • Table accessories (trays, bowls, coasters, etc.)
  • Wine accessories (corks, tongs, bottle holders)
  • Cutlery
  • Office items (paperweight, pen holders, etc.)
  • Works of art and sculptures

Being a natural material characterized by distinctive colors and nuances, each of our artifacts is unrepeatable and inimitable, a real one-of-a-kind piece. The small imperfections or irregularities of the horn should not be perceived as flaws, but rather as the distinction of artisanal production.

Upon request, we can customize your favorite items or design them from scratch, ensuring high manufacturing standards and the Italian quality that distinguishes our company. Our creations in natural horn can be viewed in the shop section on this website.