Fine and exclusive furniture accessories

Our company deals with the design of luxury furnishing accessories in natural horn, creating one-of-a-kind items intended to adorn and enhance your spaces.

Furnishing accessories play an important role within the environment, not only because they enrich it, but also because they reinforce its style conferring greater character. Their aesthetic and decorative function allows you to tell your personality, convey elegance and highlight your furniture, especially when it comes to refined pieces.

Choosing handcrafted accessories in refined materials allows you to bestow a sophisticated and elegant impression upon your home.

Our master craftsmen have been working with natural horn for over three generations to create luxury furnishing accessories. They give life to real works of art that speak of uniqueness and exclusivity. The manual processing generates original creations, unrepeatable items that are non-reproducible in series. The presence of small heterogeneities in color or texture is to be intended as a peculiar characteristic of the natural material, and it is further proof of its singularity.

At Zanchi 1952 we constantly strive to expand the offer of our catalog, designing new solutions to satisfy every aesthetic and functional need, creating handles, sculptures, design objects, and much more.