For over 70 years we have been working with the natural horn in a completely artisanal way, combining technical and artistic mastery with creativity, to create items worthy to be considered symbols of the Made in Italy.
Natural horn conserves its intrinsic charm that is appreciated for its refinement and elegance. The processing of this indomitable material is a real art, which requires an intimate knowledge of the horn.
We at Zanchi 1952 design and manufacture luxury home decoration in natural horn 100% Made in Italy, ensuring manual processing and excellent quality standards. Our master craftsmen, with the help of fire, shape products with an intrinsic added value that are available in limited quantities.
In addition to the luxury cutlery, designed with refined stainless steel adhesions, we have an extensive catalog of accessories to serve dishes and drinks or embellish the table with napkin holders, cutlery rests, coasters, and much more.
Choosing our luxury Italian cutlery in natural horn means serving your dishes with elegant and finely crafted components, and enjoying the prestige of handcrafted products. All our creations can be customized with exclusive modifications upon your request.
Elegance and exclusivity are the added value of our accessories, which are not mass-produced, but made in unique pieces, different from each other based on the pure chromatic inclinations of the natural horn used.
The perfect luxury corporate gift has a timeless and refined design, it is made with the highest quality materials and it is a unique piece, handcrafted, able to make the receiver feel appreciated and equally unique.
We have created an exclusive line of luxury wine accessories in natural horn to accompany your finest bottles throughout the tasting experience, from the opening step with corkscrews, tongs, or bottle lifters, to display and storage, with bottle holders and sets of stoppers.