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Dear Reader,

If you receive this message is because you are our collaborator, new or historical it doesn’t matter, what matters is that you are part of our precious network of relationships.

On days like these, when we are obliged to stop, to take a breath, to look at reality with different eyes, that we realize how the relationships that we have built up over time and that we are continuing to build are important.

By virtue of this importance we want to give you a little reflection, a small but fundamental teaching that a material so dear to us can give to everyone.

Horn, as you well know, is a natural material, alive, flexible but resistant. The horn is modified and moulded according to the context in which it is inserted, but it doesn’t break, it doesn’t bend, it resists, it will always return to its primordial form, always.

Today, after millennia of discoveries, we are still fascinated by the life lessons we can draw from nature. Today we must take an example from nature, we must be flexible, we must adapt to this difficult situation that is affecting us, knowing that we’ll return stronger and more resistant than before.

Best wishes to you, Zanchi Family

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