Since 1952 Zanchi has been creating furnishing accessories in natural horn enhancing all its forms and tones. Tradition, passion and innovation are the values that give life to the Zanchi 1952, values closely linked to the story of a man, Giovanni Zanchi, who since adolescence has specialized in manipulate a natural, fascinating and complex material like horn. Giovanni took on the challenge of modeling an apparently indomitable material, with the aim of unleashing the extraordinary shades that only the horn can have.

Years of experiments and attempts have led the Zanchi to understand all the deepest secrets of this material, the craft techniques have been handed down for three generations, reaching today a unique level of material knowledge and attention to detail. Therefor the uniqueness of the horn is not only given by its refined aesthetics, but also by the extraordinary mastery that it needs to be worked and shaped. The infinite characteristics of this material combined with the skillful craftsmanship make every Zanchi 1952 creation a unique piece.