Natural horn design objects

Zanchi 1952 creates design objects in natural horn, manipulating it with a strong know-how to produce exclusive objects intended to decorate your homes with uniqueness and elegance.

For over 70 years we have been working with the natural horn in a completely artisanal way, combining technical and artistic mastery with creativity, to create items worthy to be considered symbols of the Made in Italy.

We use only horn from the end of the animals’ life cycle from species that are not at risk of extinction - in full compliance with environmental sustainability and the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species).

This material maintains its natural characteristics over time and, if not handled correctly, it will always tend to return to its original curves. Natural horn is characterized by very particular shades and veins that are impossible to replicate. For this reason, every object created using this material is unique and will remain so forever.

Our company addresses the world of furniture and home decor, creating elegant design objects in natural horn and inlays for furniture, ranging from table accessories to luxury furniture components.

All our design items can be made in different colors and finishes, but since it is a natural material, the shades could change from the reference color and give life to beautiful unpredictable nuances. Upon request, we can produce customized products, shaping your ideas and satisfying your needs.

To choose the Zanchi 1952 products means to secure objects with an unrepeatable and exclusive design, suitable for granting uniqueness to the context where they are placed.

If you are interested in purchasing natural horn design objects to decorate your home, you can visit our shop or you can contact us to request a personalized commission.