Luxury Wine Accessories

We have created a line of accessories for luxury wine designed both for professional sommeliers and for connoisseurs and enthusiasts, to honor and enhance the most special bottles.

Wine is one of the most refined drinks in the world and its tasting has become a real art. Especially in the case of fine bottles, it no longer concerns only the tasting of the product but extends to the enhancement of the experience in a broader sense, from the care of every tool to the search for the most precious accessories. Our collection of luxury wine accessories will be able to charm your guests and enrich your wine experience, transforming every sip into a sensorial journey through inebriating aromas and flavors.

We have created an exclusive line of luxury wine accessories in natural horn to accompany your finest bottles throughout the tasting experience, from the opening step with corkscrews, tongs, or bottle lifters, to display and storage, with bottle holders and sets of stoppers.

The collection is characterized by sinuous and harmonious lines, designed to combine functionality and design. Since these are handcrafted items made of natural raw materials, each piece is unique, unparalleled, and ensures maximum exclusivity.

Upon request, we can customize your accessories or shape creations from scratch, ensuring high manufacturing standards and the Italian quality that has distinguished our company for over three generations.

Our collection of luxury wine accessories in natural horn can be viewed in the shop section on our website.