Natural Horn Creations

Since 1952 the philosophy of the Zanchi family is to make horn the undisputed protagonist of every creation. Each product comes from the wisdom that only respect for the material has been able to teach over time. Today, this respect has come to life in each of the objects designed and created with the aim of exalting the value and the extraordinary beauty of the natural horn.

Table Complements

Enjoy every moment of your day surrounded by the elegance and refinement of natural horn


Savour the kitchen’s pleasures by highlighting them with the right detail

Wine Accessories

Inebriated with the luxury of sinuous curves for your precious bottles

Art & Design

Let yourself be seduced by natural beauty of Italian handicrafts

Desk Accessories

Enrich your work environment by choosing objects of style, elegance and personality


Illuminate your spaces with the wonderful shades and shades of horn